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@tom_mackie_images   Tom Mackie has been a professional landscape photographer for over 30 years. His work has been published throughout the world and leads workshops.

6 days ago

California Super Bloom⠀ There were Disneyland crowds at the little town of Lake Elsinore that has made international news, making it impossible to get any work done, so I found another place nearby that was even better with only a few people. A much better experience especially when these fantastic cirrus clouds formed over the hills.

1 week ago

Super Bloom, Southern California⠀ With all the rain California has been getting, it's produced the best super bloom of wildflowers that I've ever seen. I'm here for the next month to capture various locations as the flowers bloom.

2 weeks ago

You can safely say California's drought is well and truly over. I've never seen so much rain here. I made this image of McWay Falls along the Big Sur coast last night in between the showers just after sunset.

2 weeks ago

I've been in transit for the past few days traveling to California to photograph wildflowers and lead a workshop in the Eastern Sierras. With all the rain they've had here it should be a great year for the flowers. No doubt I'll be posting the results, but in the meantime, here is an image from my recent trip to Norway.

3 weeks ago

After a week of grey skies and rain, we had a brilliant day of great light and one of the best auroras I’ve ever seen.

3 weeks ago

Lofoten, Norway⠀ ⠀ After waiting out the storms, some of the worst I've experienced in 6 years with 70 mph winds snapping power line poles like they were toothpicks, we had gorgeous lighting conditions with fresh snow. For you techies out there, I focus stacked 8 images shot at f/9 for critical sharpness and combined these into one image using Zerene Stacker. Probably hard to get the full effect here on social media, but when enlarged, the foreground to the mountains in the background are pin sharp.

3 weeks ago

Arctic Cathedral, Tromso⠀ We flew into #tromso earlier in the week and recorded a new video for my @landscapephotographyiq channel. I nearly didn't make this image, but my colleague insisted. What do you guys think? On reflection, I'm glad I did. Now I'm off to find some auroras between the clouds.

1 month ago

Sunset at the Shack, Lofoten Islands, Norway ⠀ I've photographed this little red boat shack over the years in various conditions and it's become quite popular with other photographers too. I prefer this graphic composition looking straight on to the shack, keeping it below the horizon line.

1 month ago

I know I said this was my last time going to Lofoten, but when I experience auroras like this, it makes me want to go back again. What do you guys think?

1 month ago

What a great end to my workshop in Lofoten. We had amazing auroras at 2 different locations, this one being the best more or less in front of where we stayed. Good bye Lofoten, it’s been a great 6 year run, but time to move on to brighter, less travelled pastures.

1 month ago

Lofoten-This spot has become very popular. Whilst I was shooting this I heard some voices, turned around and there was a group of people waiting for me to finish. Time to find a new location. 🙁

1 month ago

Lofoten Islands, Norway⠀ ⠀ It's been a tough week so far with gale force winds except for one day. I shot this tonight as the full moon was rising in horrendous gusts of wind which nearly knocked me over several times. I managed to get one sharp double exposure to record detail in the moon.

1 month ago

Canadian Rockies

1 month ago

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

1 month ago

Ice Shapes, Alberta⠀ I often love capturing intimate details of nature as well as the grand landscape. I find it pushes me as a photographer as compositions are not always as obvious as the grand landscape. I used the focus stacking feature of the D850 to create 50 separate images using a 300mm lens. I then combined the images with Zerene Stacker in post. This produced a bitingly sharp image of the ice shapes throughout the frame which goes beyond the capability of the lens.

1 month ago

Abraham Lake, Alberta⠀ ⠀ This year the lake showed more unusual natural phenomena apart from the frozen methane bubbles. There were periods of warm weather followed by sub zero conditions that made the ice in parts of the lake cloudy, but also ripples in the water that appear to have frozen in mid flow as seen in this image. We came across an area with a large section that was raised about 6 feet above the rest of the lake, evidence the lake is really on the move.

1 month ago

Abraham Lake, Alberta

1 month ago

Sunwapta River detail, Alberta, Canada