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@trahan  Founder @neptuneproject Round 6 @hydracollective Live ↙️

1 day ago

making the most of our 16-hour layover thanks to @avajules_ 🤠✈️

1 week ago

another bday pic 💯💯💯💯 happy 20th @ryanyerrow

1 week ago

happy bday 🤠😌

1 week ago

it’s 80 degrees out here lol. I need to go somewhere cold 😔

2 weeks ago

got bored 🤨 ???

3 weeks ago

happy thanksgiving 🤠🦃 feel free to comment what you’re thankful for 😆 ::cringe:: — thankful for 1. this hoodie (more specifically @haleypham who is the sweetest and most supportive and inspiring and gorgeous bean who for some reason likes me back) 2. my bottle (more specifically the amazing mission of @neptuneproject that excites me every day) 3. YALL 🤠 (more specifically the people who allow me to wake up every day and pursue what I love and what makes me excited. my life is a dream thanks to you.) 4. mentors and “teammates” like my dad, my manager @thematthogan , all of my tuber friends who share advice and insight with me 5. so much more but this is so long and soft lmao long story short thank you!!!!!

3 weeks ago

exploring with @haleypham 🤠 FYI i’m vlogging it to post on my main channel friday!!!!

3 weeks ago

another day in the life of a jack pauler

1 month ago

@hydracollective ROUND 5 is LIVE!!! 🐍🔆 I couldn’t be more proud of this. tons of time and energy went into this round to make it perfect — LINK IN BIO 🤠

1 month ago

teh beard is coming in nicely 👨🏻 #noshavenovember 👨🏻 why am I trying so hard in this lmao just drag me in the comments

1 month ago

to everyone that always calls me Dash in the comments- I hope ur happy 😡