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5 hours ago

#FlashbackFriday to when the first astronauts to walk on the moon visited #UnitedNations Headquarters in #NYC. “I can tell that you share with us the hope that we -- citizens of earth -- who can solve the problems of leaving earth can also solve the problems of staying on it,” said Astronaut Neil Armstrong. ➡️ Scroll through to see more images, including when the astronauts returned to UNHQ and presented then Secretary-General U Thant with a piece of moon rock they collected, as well as the UN flag which accompanied them on-board their mission. 📷: T Prendergast / UN Photo #Apollo50 #FBF

1 day ago

Within families, the provision of care and domestic work is far from random. Globally, women do 3 times more unpaid care and domestic work than men. UN Women works to promote shared responsibility for the provision of unpaid care and domestic work, to change the fact that it still falls disproportionately on women’s shoulders. Regram: @unwomen #GlobalGoals #FamiliesOfToday

1 day ago

#ThrowbackThursday : Nelson Mandela addresses the Special Committee Against Apartheid in the #UnitedNations General Assembly Hall in June 1990: "We hold it as an inviolable principle that racism must be opposed by all the means that humanity has at its disposal. Wherever it occurs it has the potential to result in a systematic and comprehensive denial of human rights to those who are discriminated against." Nelson Mandela’s journey from prisoner to President of South Africa was the triumph of an extraordinary individual against the forces of hate, ignorance and fear – and it was a testimony to the power of courage, reconciliation and forgiveness to overcome the injustice of racial discrimination. Thursday's #MandelaDay provides us an opportunity to learn from Nelson Mandela's example to #StandUp4HumanRights and #FightRacism. 📷: P. Sudhakaran / UN Photo #TBT #NelsonMandela #UNGA

2 days ago

#UnitedNations Secretary-General @antonioguterres gets an overview of the devastating impacts of Cyclones Idai and Kenneth on the people of #Mozambique. During his visit last week, the Secretary-General called for urgent #ClimateAction to address the more frequent, intense and damaging natural disasters that are worsened due to the effects of the global climate emergency. What countries can do: 1. Shift taxes from people to pollution. 2. Stop subsidizing fossil fuels. 3. Stop building new coal plants by 2020. Regram: @antonioguterres | 📸: Eskinder Debebe / UN Photo #GlobalGoals

3 days ago

#TourTuesday : The "Golden Rule" is a mosaic based on a work by artist Norman Rockwell from the USA. It was presented to the #UnitedNations in 1985 and is on display at UN Headquarters in #NYC. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Those are the words inscribed on the surface of the half-ton mosaic which depicts people of different cultures and nationalities standing together. The piece reflects the vibrant diversity that is humanity and embraces the multiculturalism at the core of the United Nations. 📸: Milton Grant / UN Photo #FightRacism #StandUp4HumanRights #GlobalGoals

3 days ago

A young boy is vaccinated against measles at a health clinic in #Eritrea. Despite the fact that vaccines prevent an estimated 2 to 3 million deaths each year, 20 million children missed out on lifesaving measles, diphtheria and tetanus vaccines in 2018. UNICEF works to provide immunization to children who need it the most. Their programmes help identify children that have been left behind by health systems and work to bring other life-saving care to these mothers and children. 📷: @UNICEF / Pirozzi #VaccinesWork #GlobalGoals

4 days ago

These children are giving their favourite dolls some love at a UNICEF-supported early learning development centre in #Rwanda. Play-based learning helps children build social and problem-solving skills, equipping them for the future. Early childhood development centres, such as this one, support children during their critical early years by providing holistic access to learning activities, good nutrition and proper hygiene. Regram: @unicef | 📸: Mugabe / UNICEF #EarlyMomentsMatter #GlobalGoals

5 days ago

Students study in schools without roofs in Beira, #Mozambique. Several months after Cyclones Idai and Kenneth hit the country, the situation is still very difficult: schools are yet to be fully repaired and many people are still displaced. While cyclones are not uncommon in that part of the world, the recent storms have been uncommonly fierce and prolonged, dramatic examples of how the global climate crisis is making extreme weather events more severe and widespread. #UnitedNations Secretary-General António Guterres visited Mozambique this week: "The people of Beira who I saw today have much in common with those I recently met in St. Lucia in the Caribbean or #Tuvalu in the Pacific. They are all on the front lines of the world’s climate emergency. They have done little to contribute to the climate crisis, yet they are often its first victims." The Secretary-General added: "The people of Beira have a right to expect strong solidarity and tangible support from the international community, especially from those who contribute the most to the causes of our changing climate. It is not only the future of far-away places that is in peril, it is our entire planet." 📸: Eskinder Debebe / UN Photo #ClimateAction #GlobalGoals

6 days ago

Special guests visit #UnitedNations Headquarters in #NYC : #AngryBirdsHappyPlanet stop by to call for urgent #ClimateAction to protect our planet and our future. Small changes in our everyday habits, like using bikes or public transportation instead of cars, eating less meat or conserving energy, can make a big difference. The Angry Birds and pigs encourage everyone to #ActNow , highlighting the impact that collective action can have on our planet at this critical moment. 📸: Seth Grossman / Sony Pictures / Rovio Entertainment #GlobalGoals

6 days ago

#UnitedNations Secretary-General @antonioguterres meets with people with albinism in #Mozambique. People with this rare, non-contagious, genetically inherited condition are often the target of stigma, discrimination and violence. "I was very moved by the stories I heard in Mozambique from people with albinism," said the Secretary-General. "The UN must support civil society efforts to ensure people with albinism can live full and prosperous lives. No one should be marginalized because of physical appearance. We all have to #StandUp4HumanRights for everyone." Regram: @antonioguterres | 📸: Eskinder Debebe / UN Photo #GlobalGoals