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1 week ago

I want to welcome my newest sponsor to the team @atomicld18 the Bay Area’s number 1 laundry delivery service serving the Silicon Valley and South Bay Area! One of the big reasons I use #atomiclaundry is because they use all hypoallergenic products as well as a specially formulated antibacterial solution that’s perfect for cleaning athletic wear. Visit their website in their bio if like me you never have time for your laundry or just want to make sure your clothes get a nice thorough wash #violentbobross #bayarea

1 week ago

Nappy headed @nug

1 week ago

Had a great Mother’s Day! It’s been 3 years since I last got to see my biological Mom, so this was definitely special. Can’t wait till her and the kids are out here in Cali permanently #buenosdiasdelasmadres

1 week ago

Happy Mother’s Day

2 weeks ago

Wanna thank my sponsors @pltjewelers for their support they were a huge help in taking some stress off in my last camp. I think I just might have to get them to make me a new Cuban after this one 🤔