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3 weeks ago

Floor plate? Wall piece? Made by the late Mark Hayduk, who had a unit @uel_architecture , and Shin Egashira (AA). Lovely to see Mark is still very much being honoured and respected at the school.

1 month ago

Sam Hecht of @industrialfacility showing me their new product Pastille for the Swedish lighting company @wastberglighting in his office in Clerkenwell. “Touch it,” Sam said, pointing to the light source, and to my surprise, it was cold. It’s a very clever little LED light stand indeed, as it lights up the whole room gently and softly but if you turn the head down, it casts a concentrated “pure circle of light”...it’s made of bioplastic using castor beans so not only is it super economical in design but it’s also environmentally friendly. What more do you want in #productdesign ? #designatitsbest #industrialfacility #writingassignment PS You can see their work (a piece of furniture) in the #homefutures exhibition currently on show @designmuseum. It’s a good show!

1 month ago

I enjoyed seeing a new series of work by artist @jade_chorkularb...Little bit of Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans’ neon sculpture here but hers were somehow more ‘emo’ and in a way I guess more feminine as she seems unafraid of mixing things up and keeping it less ‘zen’ or whatever the west perceives of it. Its full of passion! #greatartwork #asianartinlondon #peckhamlevels

1 month ago

Last night, I was at the launch of the esteemed writer Irénée Scalbert’s new book, which is enigmatically titled, “A Real Living Contact with the Things Themselves” published with @park_books. Can’t wait to read it, especially the section called “Building in Japan”! Here he is with the talented graphic designer @mathiasclottu responsible for the sleek finish of the book and @seangriffiths3478 aka Modern Architect. #ireneescalbert #thebest #architecturewriting